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It should be 'easy to say ... TOMATO! Feast in Vico 2011 workstation PIZZA! Just !!!!!! Stop with the accusations of all against all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We want NAPOLI CLEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Da Gino Sorbillo "Social-Pizza-Artist", Naples ..... Gino Sorbillo with Enzo D'Alessandro of the RE "Nucillo E 'Curti" and the legendary journalist Laura Gambacorta (& family), one of the professional + good series and that there !!!!!!!!!!!
Pizzas Cetara in the famous "Convento" Pasquale Torrente !!!!!!!!!!! Tonight's big party for the new local "RE" of anchovies and anchovy. Party with many friends and fans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For Ludovica Sorbillo, my daughter. Today 'on his birthday .... he asked me a little' fruit .... HERE IT IS WITH LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For today I am a Social-Fruit-Artist rather than 'a Social-Pizza-Artist !!!!!!!! Every so often you have to change !!!!!!!! ;))) Az. Luigi Tecce Wine great wine producers of the "Polyphemus". Gino Sorbillo to "The Son Pizzeria Del Presidente" in Via Duomo !!!!!! In the picture the dear owner Gigi Cacialli and sister Maria the owner, instead of "The Daughter of the Presidende Pizzeria" Via del Grande Archive !!!!!!!!!! The beautiful family Cacialli in Naples !!!!!!!!!
Agriculture, Pizzaiuoli, Provolone and Toto 'in order to save the party to Agrosud Capra Napoletana !!!! Here are the two pizzas (white and red, pictured below with Sergio Miccu 'Pres. APN) made with goat cheese for Sergio Assisi testimonial event !!!!!! Source: Agriculture and Innovation of Nando Cirencester. A jump Gennaro Cervone of "Pizza Pizza" in Via Giustiniani (Via Epomeo side), large and historic Neapolitan Pizzaiolo !!!!!!!!!!!! Try its specialty ', even fried !!!!!!!! E 'was among the first' artists' whims Neapolitan street food fried from !!!!!!!!!!!! "Sorbillo-President-Di Matteo," historian TRIO of Pizzerias in historical Via Tribunali in Naples !!!!!!!!!!!!! Pizzeria "Gino Sorbillo", "Pizzeria del Presidente" of Cacialli and Pizzeria "Di Matteo" the three HISTORICAL Neapolitan Pizzerias known throughout the world for winning the Championship at Pizzaiolo Del Vulcano Buono !!!!!!!!!!!! Gino, Salvatore and Enzo !!!!!!!!!!!!
Warning: pizza & pizza-eating tiger on the prowl !!!!!!!!!!! "TAVERN ESTIA" in Brusciano brothers Sposito: Art and Class in the kitchen !!!!!!!!!!!! Pranzetto summer ready !!!!!! Or pizza ?? Restaurant-Pizzeria "Chez Black" on the beach in Positano !!!!! Here is the pizzaiolo Antonio of this mythical place !!! !!!! Come to one of the finest in the world +++++ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The simplicity 'of excellence also transpires from a simple foto.Pizza Napoletana "Margherita". Sorbillo today on "Roma" newspaper for the article averted THE DISAPPEARANCE OF PIZZA NAPOLETANA !!!!!!!!!!! The European Union has given the green light to mark STG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mario Avallone & Gino Sorbillo !!!!!!!! Friendship at first sight .... !!!!!!! ;) "Tomato Yellow Piennolo" on Pizza Napoletana presented for the first time with the pizza in May during the evening "Pizza Up" Citta 'Della Science Gambero Rosso Molino Quaglia. It was one of my top three pizzas "tastings". Match them to a base of lard black Caserta and the Roman Conciato Le Campestre. Those photos are in the area of ​​Castel di Sasso area "Monte Maggiore." Even "Agrigenus" for info and orders, delicious !!!!!!!
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