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Pizzerias on the catwalk at Napoli Pizza Village

01 napoli-pizza-village-2012-lungomare-caracciolo1

Something for the pizza!

That sounds just stating the obvious, but the pizza is still ... read more »


02 insalatamente 01

The first pizza-salad came, of course, in Naples. Where else?

The pizza maker "insalataMente" ... more »

League Italian pizza: Sorbillo vs Di Matteo

04 sorbillo vs. di matteo

Here's a handy tip to pretend that you like September followed the Championship ... more »

The House of Pizza


In a Naples too often a symbol of negativity, where everything seems an unattainable goal ... read more »

Open for holidays

Serena Autieri da Gino Sorbillo

First day of "start of construction" at Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo with a testimonial extraordinary ... read more »

Roots of pizza and neo-pizza

06 Gino-Sorbillo-Casa-della-Pizza-Napoli-600x400

When I saw the picture of Gino Sorbillo, "neo-pizza" in Via dei Tribunali in ... read more »

Michelin fried pizza. Gino Sorbillo to Pietramare

07 pizza-michelin-sorbillo-vitale-02-600x450

Michelin fried pizza. Gino Sorbillo to Pietramare with Raffaele Vitale

... more »

Identity Greedy: lessons of pizza with Gino Sorbillo

i quaderni dei pizzaioli

Pizza Vico Equense Louis Dell'Amura and innovative Simone Padoan

For the ... read more »

Identity Greedy Gennaro Esposito

040-gino sorbillo e gennaro esposito - identita golose

Live from "Identity Greedy" in Milan Gennaro Esposito of "Torre del Saracino" ... read more »

Identity Greedy with MR Paul Marks!

039-gino sorbillo e paolo marchi - identita golose

Live from "Identity Greedy" with MR Paul Marks!

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