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Gino Sorbillo & Adolfo Marletta (The Spaghettata to Vomero) with one of the many students "Pizzaioli" Japanese !!!!!!!!
With my friend David Ricciardiello Blog "Restaurants Campani".
Today on www.lucianopignataro.it and www.campaniachevai.it missed a pizzeria, all goodness and heart, in a neighborhood mistreated. I harbor Luciano Pignataro ... and see how it goes!
The wall to start again
Santa Maria Paganica and a pizza to go on living!
Sahara desert ....... aerial view "Oasis of Taste" !!!!
Pizza & Food on July and August the special "Communicating With the Pizza" dedicated to Gino Sorbillo.
Gino Sorbillo and his "little brother Pizzaiuolo" Antonio Sorbillo restaurant in the ancient "O 'Parrucchiano" in Sorrento !!! "Local History of Italy"!

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